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Our Classes

Pre-Schoolers 18 months – 4 years

Is your little one aged between 18 months and 4 years?

Do they love bopping around the house to music, leaping and jumping around with lots of energy?

Are you looking for a fun, friendly dance class that will help your child develop their movement skills?

Perhaps your child is a little shy and you want to help build their confidence and meet new friends?

Then our Preschool classes are just what you need!

Primary & Junior 5-12 years

Is your child aged between 5-12 years?

It may be that you want to find a fun, friendly, confidence boosting dance class where your child can make new friends?

Do they love music? Making up their own dances? Following dances on TV or films? Maybe they even love singing along to music while they dance?

Would they love to try out a dance class but you’re not sure where to start with all the different dance styles? You may have tried somewhere else that you didn’t feel suited your child?

These days computer games, tablets and TV has replaced outside play and sporting hobbies for children and therefore they no longer use all the energy they should before bedtime!

If this sounds like your child, why not try out a dance class to get them fit and burn some energy?

Our Primary and Junior classes would be great for your child!

Seniors 13 – 18 years

Has your child always enjoyed the Performing Arts and keeping fit?

Have they expressed interest in dance classes but there has always been something else they also wanted to try out so there was just not enough days in the week?

Is it now time for them to try out a dance class and see if it the thing for them?

Maybe they used to dance and now want to try again but are nervous they will be at a different level to others their age?

It could be that they are doing dance, drama, Performing Arts or even PE for GCSE or A-level at school and what to get a little extra help with their training?

Our teens classes are for those of all abilities whether they have previous dance experience or not! Our classes are fun, easy to follow and will help your teen develop confidence as well as dance skills while making new friends. What more could want for your teen?

Adults 19+ years

Ever thought of swapping the Gym for the Dance Studio?

What if you could come along to a fun, inspiring and social dance class that can develop confidence and build new skills in a welcoming and friendly environment?

We understand that a dance class can seem scary and daunting for adults which is why our classes are designed to make you feel happy and successful in each and every class!

Maybe you used to dance and want to get back into it? Maybe it’s something you wish you had tried as a child and now want to challenge yourself to try something new?

Our adult dance classes will keep you fit without having to dread going to the gym and self-motiving yourself through a session. You will meet some great like-minded people and see yourself progress in fitness as well as learning new skills you didn’t have before!

Here is What Our Students Are Saying

Dance was a small hobby of mine back then (when I joined) and I had no clue how much of a big part of my life it would become once joining NT Dance House; I have such a passion for dance now and can’t picture it not being in my life. Natasha’s pushed me to be the best I can be and inspired me to try other styles, like ballet, and it’s widened my capabilities so much. She’s also massively improved my confidence and little does she know, given me the confidence to join dance at school, which is now for me, the best part of my school experience. Natasha has impacted my life in so many ways and I’m very grateful for that. I look forward to my classes so much. The whole group created through NT dance house is so kind and loving and that is why I enjoy it so much.

Charlotte, Senior Student aged 14

My daughter Millie has always enjoyed dancing but since starting NT Dance House she has developed her dancing skills so much and has achieved certificates and medals to show her progress. She is now a confident dancer with the willingness to try new things especially recently in her Acro class as she can now do a back bend without support.

Millie tried NT Dance House as her cousins attend and was excited for her 1st class. She has made friends with others and has a great time whilst at her classes and during the shows.

Millie has a great relationship with Natasha and she is always pleased to attend every week.

Karen Batchler, Mum to Millie aged 10

I started classes with Natasha following on from trialling many other dance schools with my friends, and I am so glad we found NT Dance House! It’s such a natural and friendly environment with the emphasis on enjoying dance, no matter what your ability level is; the classes are all perfectly tailored to the individual students and everyone is pushed to be their best, not only within dance. I’ve never been the most confident dancer and without Natasha’s support and encouragement I don’t think I would have ever chosen to study dance as an A-level, which turned out to be the lesson I enjoyed most throughout my college experience. Natasha continued to offer support throughout my learning which I appreciated massively. Now being 19 I am still enjoying NT Dance House classes more than ever, my confidence as a dancer has grown hugely thanks to Natasha and it’s a hobby I now never want to give up. Seeing NT Dance House grow over the past years has been amazing and it’s a family I’m so grateful and proud to be part of.

Rebecca, Senior Student aged 19

Lexi has always been happy to go to ballet class and see her favourite teacher Natasha. Her confidence has grown over the years and she has made new friends. Almost 4 years later and she is still absolutely loving it!

Kat Newman, Mum to Lexi aged 6

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Claim Your Complimentary Kids or Adult Taster Class

To claim your complimentary Adult or Kids taster class simply click on the button below and then choose your taster on the next page.