Adults 19+ years

NT Dance House offers a relaxed and friendly environment for you to learn new dance skills, meet new people, build confidence while keeping fit! We are constantly told that we need to lead healthy active lifestyles and dance is a way of doing this! So many people find the gym boring and therefore end up not exercising – Dance classes are enjoyable and fun, you won’t even realise your exercising!

Most of us think we can’t dance because we are not flexible or have no rhythm – you will surprise yourself and also realise these are things you can learn and don’t need to be amazing at them to be able to dance. Every class breaks down the steps and explained in a way everyone can understand. Alternative movements are given if there are certain things you’re not able to do and we work to your strengths and goals to make sure the classes are enjoyable and fulfilling!

Adult Beginners Ballet / Adult Intermediate Ballet

Ballet classes at NT Dance House offer the opportunity to learn and improve your Ballet Technique no matter what your level you begin at. We offer two different level classes, Beginners and Intermediate so you can move up classes when you feel you have got the basics! No matter what level of training you are we can help you to develop your Ballet knowledge and technique in a fun and enjoyable environment – don’t worry you don’t have to wear leotard and tights but if you want to please do! We also offer the opportunity to take exams if this is something that interests you (this is optional so don’t panic!). Ballet is a wonderful dance style that has contributed to development of many other dance styles, we highly recommend trying a class as it is a great way to develop core skills such as strength, flexibility, stamina, control and posture alongside musicality.

Adult Pre-Pointe & Pointe work

Our Adult Pointe class is for those who has previous ballet experience and may have done Pointe work as a child or for those who have been attending our Intermediate Ballet class and want to challenge themselves. Don’t worry we won’t just give you a pair of Pointe shoes and say off you go – when you attend this class you will be individually assessed to find out what developments you need to make in the class on demi-pointe before going onto full pointe. We work with each Adult to ensure they are physically ready for Pointe to make sure their ankles and body are safe! We pride ourselves on teaching Pointe in a safe and successful way to ensure development and achievement.

Adult Tap

Our Tap classes are fun and enjoyable with a focus on not only developing the key skills for Tap but also looking at different eras of Tap Dance and learning different styles of Tap dance. From ‘Stomp’ the musical to the famous Fred Astaire – you will have so much fun you won’t even realise you are exercising!

Adult Strength & Flexibility (Conditioning)

Our Adult students always say, ‘we can’t dance, we are not flexible!’ or ‘I am so weak, I could not do that!’. Well if that’s you or you just want to feel more mobile and strong in everyday life then this is the class for you! We will work on building your core strength, upper body strength and give you those legs you have always wanted! Not only this we will work on building your flexibility and set you manageable and realistic targets to meet – if you want to touch your toes, we will work on it! If you want to do the splits, we can work on that too – whatever level of flexibility you are looking for we will make it happen! To be the best dancer you can be its so important to spend time working on strength and flexibility. NT Dance House take the health and safety of its dancers very seriously and this class will ensure you are looking after their muscles and joints, this class is a great class to go alongside any other dance style.

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