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Dance was a small hobby of mine back then (when I joined) and I had no clue how much of a big part of my life it would become once joining NT Dance House; I have such a passion for dance now and can’t picture it not being in my life. Natasha’s pushed me to be the best I can be and inspired me to try other styles, like ballet, and it’s widened my capabilities so much. She’s also massively improved my confidence and little does she know, given me the confidence to join dance at school, which is now for me, the best part of my school experience. Natasha has impacted my life in so many ways and I’m very grateful for that. I look forward to my classes so much. The whole group created through NT dance house is so kind and loving and that is why I enjoy it so much.

Charlotte, Senior Student aged 14

I started classes with Natasha following on from trialling many other dance schools with my friends, and I am so glad we found NT Dance House! It’s such a natural and friendly environment with the emphasis on enjoying dance, no matter what your ability level is; the classes are all perfectly tailored to the individual students and everyone is pushed to be their best, not only within dance. I’ve never been the most confident dancer and without Natasha’s support and encouragement I don’t think I would have ever chosen to study dance as an A-level, which turned out to be the lesson I enjoyed most throughout my college experience. Natasha continued to offer support throughout my learning which I appreciated massively. Now being 19 I am still enjoying NT Dance House classes more than ever, my confidence as a dancer has grown hugely thanks to Natasha and it’s a hobby I now never want to give up. Seeing NT Dance House grow over the past years has been amazing and it’s a family I’m so grateful and proud to be part of.

Rebecca, Senior Student aged 19

The reason we picked you Natasha, was because the emphasis of your classes was on enjoyment, foremost. The sense of achievement naturally followed. You are always guided by what your students want and need; you are always ready to listen.

As a school teacher yourself, you know the pressures on pupils at school nowadays. Your dance classes have always relieved that pressure, not added to it. As Becky put it, when I asked her if she wanted to stop during exam season “there’s always room for dance routines in my head Mum, it’s a whole different department in my brain, if I could only have the same big department for psychology, I’d be aceing it” I guess learning is easy when you’re enjoying something as much as she enjoys dance.

Both girls agree that their performance confidence has grown during their time with you but I’ll let them put it in their own words.

Sandra Brett, mum to Rebecca, aged 19 and Charlotte, aged 15

Highly recommend. Daughter does Acro and Ballet and enjoys them a lot. I keep meaning to take part in the adult dance classes as they look like lots of fun!

Kerry Burles, mum to Elizabeth, aged 8 and Charlotte, Aged 4

I love the contemporary class for adults!!! Natasha is so approachable and always recaps the routines if needed. I love the fact that my technique is being pushed each week and girls in the class are so lovely and friendly. I hate leaving the class but look forward to the next one.

Claire Doyle, Adult Student

Very welcoming and encouraging to the little ones would highly recommend and we have only just started the classes.

Faye Lake, mum to Ava

I attended Natasha’s street, contemporary and Modern classes and I absolutely love it. Everyone there is so friendly and kind and we really feel like a family. Natasha is an amazing teacher she really knows all of us and always help us and spends time going through with us. She is always willing to give up her time to give us extra lessons. She has given us such a comfortable environment and I really look forward to go to dance. We participate in competitions and we always have so much fun and Natasha makes it so much easier and encourages us to just do our best and it doesn’t matter where we place.

Ella, Senior student aged 14

I started the adult ballet class this week and loved it! It’s a great class if you’ve danced before and want to get back into it: Natasha is very welcoming and friendly and explains things clearly. I’ll definitely be returning next week. Great class!

Natasha was really welcoming and all the students were really friendly too. I came away really excited and invigorated by the class: it was easy enough that I felt comfortable, but challenging enough that I was inspired to return. I felt as though I may have finally found the right adult class for me.

Since joining NT Dance House I have made a whole new group of friends, with whom I socialise, on a regular basis outside of class. I have improved my ballet and modern jazz dance skills, regained a lot of the flexibility I had as a 20 something year old and passed my first ever ballet exam! I have returned to performing in shows and improved my fitness no end.

I would highly recommend Natasha and NT Dance House classes as they are inclusive of all abilities: challenging at the higher ability end, without leaving behind those who are new to dance. Natasha is friendly, welcoming, patient and funny and classes have a relaxed feel to them without losing the necessary discipline needed to acquire and improve dance skills. I have been here almost 18 months now and am about to embark on a second ballet exam and a modern exam and I have no intention of looking anywhere else!

Gemma Fletcher, Adult student

Lexi has always been happy to go to ballet class and see her favourite teacher Natasha. Her confidence has grown over the years and she has made new friends. Almost 4 years later and she is still absolutely loving it!

Kat Newman, Mum to Lexi aged 6

Amazing adult contemporary class, so unique for the area. And Natasha is so lovely and welcoming.

Gemma Rayment, Adult student

Before NT Dance House, I made myself go to the gym for general fitness but still always missed dancing and having a hobby and way to keep fit that I really enjoyed. It was a real chance situation when my sister in law tagged me in the initial NT Dance House Facebook post about starting an adult ballet class; I went along on my own really hopeful that I would enjoy it and get to dance again and wasn’t disappointed! I was really excited to have found a local adult ballet class, at a time that I could attend, and was also hopeful that I would enjoy it and feel comfortable; maybe a bit apprehensive too about what to expect. I honestly felt welcomed and at ease from the start and relieved that I left that first class knowing I definitely wanted to go back the next week and the one after that.

The biggest thing I got from the first class was confidence; to go back the next week and get back into ballet, being happy that I could pick up my hobby again. Since then I have continued to enjoy classes each week and I’ve also gained a great (and slightly crazy) bunch of friends. In October last year I started ballet pointe classes, which is something I desperately wanted to do when I was younger, so it’s been amazing to finally get to do this at NT Dance House too. On the whole, I can’t claim to be a prima ballerina and think I am often more Fantasia hippo than serene swan, but I enjoy trying 😉

I would absolutely recommend NT Dance House because here I’ve experienced a perfect balance of teaching but not discouraging, inspiring and motivating whilst keeping it fun, and providing a friendly learning environment with students who love to learn and dance together and don’t take themselves too seriously; making me feel really welcome and comfortable.

Kerry Irons, Adult Student

My daughter Millie has always enjoyed dancing but since starting NT Dance House she has developed her dancing skills so much and has achieved certificates and medals to show her progress. She is now a confident dancer with the willingness to try new things especially recently in her Acro class as she can now do a back bend without support.

Millie tried NT Dance House as her cousins attend and was excited for her 1st class. She has made friends with others and has a great time whilst at her classes and during the shows.

Millie has a great relationship with Natasha and she is always pleased to attend every week.

Karen Batchler, Mum to Millie aged 10

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