Primary & Junior 5-12 years

Here at NT Dance House we want our students to build confidence, develop a love for dance and make lots of new friends in our fun and engaging dance classes. Our small class sizes mean our teachers get to know each individual child and their needs to ensure they have a positive and enjoyable experience of dance.

For our younger Primary students, we use props and reward systems to engage them while developing their understanding of basic dance skills to ensure progression. We include games and activities that not only develop dance skills but also help the students build friendships and get to know others in the class which we believe is important for their development.

For our older Junior students, we deliver fun, enjoyable and challenging classes where students can develop dance skills in a safe and welcoming environment. With a wide variety of dance styles on the timetable they will have the opportunity to progress in lots of different areas and pick what styles suit them best!

In both our Primary and Junior classes your child will have the opportunity to take exams under the IDT syllabus however this is optional, they may decide to come along to class just to learn to dance and have fun instead! We also offer the opportunity for performances, competitions and our Showcase which happens every 18 months.

Take a look at the classes we offer below, claim your ‘Complimentary Dance Taster Classes’ and let your child have a go at any of the classes they want to try to see what they enjoy the best!


Our Ballet classes are designed to introduce your child to the wonderful world of Ballet through creative and engaging ballet exercises and dance routines. They will work towards perfecting their pirouettes and arabesques alongside other key Ballet movement all children want to learn! Ballet is a wonderful dance style that has contributed to development of many other dance styles, we highly recommend all dancers have a go at Ballet as it is a great way to develop core skills such as strength, flexibility, stamina, control and posture alongside musicality, expression and imagination!

Although we follow the IDT syllabus within the classes we also teach free work rather than just going from exercise to exercise to create an environment that excites and motivates children.

Modern Jazz

Our Modern Jazz classes are fun, upbeat and exciting with a focus developing key skills to perform movements you might see in the West End Musicals or in films such as high kicks, leaps, jumps and turns and even the splits! These classes work on flexibility in a safe environment and help to build strength to sustain movements. Modern Jazz can vary from fast moving and sharp movements to slower and more lyrical style of dance. It combines a number of different styles within it, making it a great dance style for those who want to try lots of different things! Lots of fun and exciting, old and new, fast and slow music is used which makes every dance routine learnt completely different!

We follow the IDT syllabus within the classes however combine this with free work and routines in every class.

Street & Commercial

Street Dance is the newest and most popular style of dance with children over the past 10 years. Our Street Dance classes give children the opportunity to learn lots of different elements of the style including Break dancing, Lockin’ & Popin’, Hip Hop, House Dance and Commercial Dance to chart music. The classes are a fun, upbeat and energetic experience where children will learn cool tricks and routines while building confidence to freestyle and dance in group routines! The classes are fast moving and great for helping children to build confidence and meet new friends while staying fit and healthy!


Tap is a great style of dance to help children develop rhythm, co-ordination, musicality and listening skills. Our Tap classes are fun and enjoyable with a focus on not only developing the key skills for Tap but also looking at different eras of Tap Dance and learning different styles of Tap dance. From ‘Stomp’ the musical to the famous Fred Astaire – your child will have so much fun creating sound and rhythm they will be forever showing you their new moves and music through their feet!

Acrobatic Dance

Acro Dance is a combination class fusing together Gymnastics, Dance and Strength & Flexibility. Students will work towards performing gymnastic skills and tricks that will then be incorporated into dance routines to a variety of different music. Our Acro class is perfect for children who are always cartwheeling around or trying to hold a handstand in the garden! They will work on the key skills to be able to hold their handstand and do much more such as walkovers and headstands in a safe environment and before you know it they will be dancing their way from one trick to the next!

Contemporary (Junior Only)

Do your children watch ‘Dance Mum’s’ and ‘The Next Step’? Do they tell you they want to try a style of dance just like that? Well this class is the one for them! Contemporary Dance is an expressive form of dance that involves a number of different techniques that each focus on things such as contraction and release, momentum & full and recovery. It is a dance style where young dancers can dance creatively and express themselves through movement and can be danced to a wide variety of music. The dynamics of the movement is based on the theme or idea behind the dance routine making it a dance style with lots of variation.

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